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Functional Medicine

The exciting and sophisticated field of science based on finding the root cause of illness...

What is Functional Medicine?

Chronic disease is prevalent in our world today. Yet more and more individuals are being overlooked or bypassed by conventional medicine. Their symptoms are downplayed, or they’re told “it’s all in your head”. Unfortunately, I was there. Feeling unwell, fatigued, going from one practitioner to another, with no improvement. Just feeling more exhausted from the run-around.

Functional medicine is a relatively new (within the last decade) and very exciting field of science. A functional medicine practitioner looks at the individual from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration their current and past medical history, their lifestyle, diet, their work, relationships, stress level, quality of sleep, etc. Combined with a thorough intake, symptomatology, and functional testing, the practitioner seeks to find the root cause of the individual’s condition or illness. 

Functional testing is a sophisticated method of assessing an individual’s current concerns and relaying information to the functional medicine practitioner. Such information may include nutrient deficiencies; yeast, bacteria, parasites or fungi in the body; neurotransmitter levels; how the body is detoxifying or methylating; the state of the gut microbiome and which strains are present; hormones; to name a few.

And then what? Based on the findings, plant medicine in the form of a botanical tea and/or tincture, along with a protocol including lifestyle & nutrition recommendations, and a plan on how to move forward to bring the individual to optimal health and thriving. Health is not just the absence of disease, it is thriving.

Functional medicine has been helping thousands of individuals around the globe. It is the perfect combination of sophisticated medical testing and holistic treatment. It has helped to bring me back to optimal health and thriving, and I am so grateful to offer it to my clients.