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Carmen has a private practice in Toronto where she guides her clients to optimal health. Specializing in detoxification, balancing hormones, longevity and healing the gut-brain connection, using plant medicine. She incorporates functional testing to determine the root cause rather than merely treat the symptoms. Online consultations are available for out-of-town clients or those who are unable to come in person


Carmen delivers compelling corporate talks including Lunch & Learns, conferences, seminars and workshops on what's new in health, botanical medicine, holistic nutrition and plant-based functional foods. 

Carmen is faculty at Institute of Traditional Medicine where she teaches Clinical Skills & Therapeutics; and at Institute of Holistic Nutrition where she teaches Comparative Diets

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Our skin is the outermost layer of our body that interacts with the environment around us. Our skin breathes and absorbs what it comes in contact with. Vervain feels it so important to be mindful of what we put on our skin, to use organic ethically wildcrafted botanicals, raw unprocessed oils and butters, to heal our skin, delay the aging process, and scent our bodies

Meet Carmen

Holistic Nutritionist. Clinical Herbalist. Founder of VERVAIN

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Carmen Lynde, CNP, CHT, RH

Welcome to my website where the emphasis is on plants. Plant-based nutrition. Phytotherapy. Botanical Medicine... I will share my knowledge and experience with you including plant-based recipes, research, clinical and personal experience and stories. I don't preach. What I will do is encourage, educate, inspire so you may thrive and be the best version of you.

Wanna thrive? Together, we'll transform your wellness so you can feel, look and live your best...

Botanical Medicine

Phytochemicals, adaptogens, nootropics and more...

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Holistic Nutrition

Your food is your medicine. Your medicine is your food.

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Functional Medicine

The exciting and sophisticated field of science based on finding the root cause of illness

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I’m grateful for you and your wealth of knowledge of our environment and our bodies. As concerned as we all are, that isn’t something that most people have the time, energy or passion to delve into as deeply as you do. Thank you. - Carl, Markham ON

Vervain Skin Salve is MAGIC... I have used it for everything, from stretch mark prevention during pregnancy to my newborn baby's bum, to now toddler bumps, scratches, and bruises. Everyone in the family uses it on the daily. It takes the pain out of any cut/burn/bite, speed's healing time, and reduces scaring! It is a life long must have. Absolutely wonderful product. - Alexis, Toronto ON

Definitely the best face cream I've ever used. Every product I try - I love! - Ralph, Toronto ON

I've decided I can't live without your face cream! - Teryl, Makeup Artist in Toronto ON

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The Yogic Mantra

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, may the thoughts and words of my life today contribute to freedom and happiness for all. 

This is a gentle reminder to take us from our egoic self and radiate a prayer of love and compassion for the world around us. We are all a part of the universe and can positively impact all of creation. 


I would like to dedicate this website to all my teachers along the way. And to my beautiful Mama (1943-2012), who was not only one of my biggest teachers but who gave me life. For that, I am eternally grateful.