The Company

Vervain's primary goal is to produce pure organic products with natural sustainable ingredients and to deliver a pure product with the health of the individual and the environment in mind. Herbs used are organic and ethically wildcrafted from sustainable resources. Raw materials are all-natural, unprocessed, directly from the source.

Vervain Inc has a purist approach and uses modern & time-honored methods in creating its products. There is no artificial fragrance or color, no parabens, no petroleum-based products, no silicone, no GMOs, no animal testing, no SLS, no filler. Each ingredient is thoughtfully included for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Carmen's approach and personal philosophy to life embodies the essence of everything she crafts and how she operates her business.

Vervain Inc. includes but is not limited to:

Consultations with Medical Herbalist

A line of artisan botanical skincare handcrafted in small batches

Tinctures and herbal teas available for clients as well as naturopaths, homeopaths & other
health care practitioners

Massage oils, deep muscle salve & hydrating hand & foot cream available for massage therapists

Vervain Inc aspires to be a zero-waste company with a small eco footprint. We recycle, compost, use paperless invoicing, and support local suppliers with ethical business practices.