Carmen Lynde

Carmen Lynde, CHT, RH graduated as Medical Herbalist (CHT) upon completion of 5-year clinical program at Dominion College, BC (est. 1926), an affiliate of School of Phytotherapy, UK.

Carmen is a professional member of the Ontario Herbalist Association (RH). She is Herbal Consultant for Richter's Herbs responding to questions from the public regarding medicinal plants, health & disease. Carmen teaches various workshops throughout the city of Toronto.

Carmen is a practicing Medical Herbalist with a client base that includes people from all walks of life, with many different needs. Yet all with the same goal, to retain and create a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Carmen has had a longstanding interest in the healthcare industry. Starting out as Hospital Volunteer during highschool to working as a Pharmacist Assistant. Carmen knew she was destined to work in medicine, however it was the plant-based healing that resonated with who she is.

While working in the feature film industry in the Costume Department of IATSE Toronto, Carmen began formulating and producing natural skincare products. Originally for family & friends, it wasn't long before she was supplying makeup artists with her botanical creams to use on the actors. Health conscious actors such as Woody Harrelson and Crispin Glover have been repeat clients of Carmen's.

During travels to SouthEast Asia and Northwest Africa Carmen sought out local herb shops and traditional healers to learn and experience their teachings and study their indigenous plants.

In 2009 Carmen experienced H1N1 flu virus and post-infectious Encephalitis, a debilitating illness accompanied with intense pain & sickness. Through her own personal journey from illness to health, she has developed a deep understanding of the healing process, and empathy for those individuals who experience chronic pain and illness. The company name is Vervain, Verbena hastata as this herb was an integral part of her healing process.

I dedicate this site to my Mom (1943-2012)
It was my Mom who first introduced me to the world of plants. In vast gardens & rich forests, she planted the seed, which led to my career and a lifelong passion. Mom, I am forever grateful.